Life Rustic

Life Rustic is all about living simply… in a not so simple world.

Centering on tiny house minimalism, full-time RV traveling, and mountain homesteading — Life Rustic is a corner of Fox Burrow Magazine where readers can find helpful tips and guides to navigating off-grid life, stories from the road, and more.

Popular Posts from the Life Rustic Blog:

Life Rustic“So Ya Wanna Go Off the Grid?” A guide that covers the cost and logistics of what to consider when leaving basic modernity — including topics such as sourcing property, water, and electricity — and how to do it all legally.

We bought a ranch“We Bought a Ranch” An introduction to the off-grid, tiny house homestead shared by Sean and Kacie Cooper Stotler.

early days“The Beginning of a Beautifully Small Life” The first blog post on Life Rustic, which chronicles the initial days of the tiny house, full time traveling lifestyle.

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