Chapter 23 by J. Nicoel Western: A Preview

It was my first night at Savannah’s. I got off work at the preschool, sped home to replace my red, awkward, somewhat tight-fitting polo with my new, overly sized, awkward-fitting black polo. I touched up my makeup, which consisted of applying another coat of mascara on top of the mascara I applied at seven that morning, put Madalynn in the bathroom after her walk, and headed out for my first night.

​I’ll never forget the first thing Vince said to me when I showed up. Continue reading Chapter 23 by J. Nicoel Western: A Preview


Cosmic Love for Cosmic Horror

What do the villains from Netflix’s Stranger Things, Stephen King’s IT, and Marvel’s Dr. Strange all have in common? Besides being bound by the word “strange” or the young actor Finn Wolfhard himself, I mean.

I’ll give you a hint: they’re all about the Love.

Lovecraft, that is. One H.P. Lovecraft, the OG of cosmic horror and creator of the Cthulhu mythos, first published in 1928. Continue reading Cosmic Love for Cosmic Horror