She Tried to Be Good, The Girl from Hateville, and 23 More Vintage Pulp Fiction Titles to Inspire Your Future Memoir

Pulp Fiction novels from the 1960s and 1970s are notorious for being as scandalous as they are ridiculous, especially by today’s standards. With titles and illustrations that are both titilating and wildly sexist, the covers are laughable and ironic.

But some, in the right context, are relevant as ever, and even sound like they could’ve been written about you or me…

Here are 25 such covers to inspire your future memoir.

1.) She Tried to be Good


Also found in my obituary and written on my tombstone…


2.) The Evil Men Do


I mean, but really… let’s talk about this.


3.) Naked Talent


Definitely about me! And I’ve got $5 on plaid shorts.



4.) Assignment: Seduction


And they will say, “she was a lifelong scholar!”


5.) The Glitter and The Greed 


Next stop, Hangover City


6.) Marijuana Girl


Hey, I know her! Just kidding, grandma…


7.) Reefer Girl


Not to be confused with Marijuana Girl, but who commonly runs around with–


8.) Party Girl


If love is a business, I’m not sure what your boy here thinks he’s getting with $8.00


9.) The Wild One


If a novel about a rich teen-ager growing up too fast isn’t the story of my life, then I don’t know what is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Dixie Cups and plastic china to polish…



10.) Nude in the Sand


Explosions! Bombshells! Bayous! This story has it all… But have you every actually been nude in the sand? Eck, no thank you.


11.) Birth of a Tramp


Taking us straight to the source…


12.) Edge of Panic


A few drinks… A bit of violence… Blackout… We’ve all been there.


13.) Not Too Narrow… Not Too Deep


“I like my women like I like my lazy rivers — not too narrow, not too deep.”

“Get off me, Zombie Fingers!”


14.) Pure Sweet Hell


Wait, is that a backhand? And people say we don’t need feminism…


15.) Teen-Age Tramp


Umm… Am I on some kind of list, now?



16.) The G-String Murders


A harrowing tale of the case that shook a nation.


17.) The Lady is a Lush


*feigns outrage*


18.) Too Hot to Hold


10/10 Would rock that entire look. Gloves, dress, hair, all of it.


19.) The Virgin and the Barfly


This anatomically incorrect novel is brought to you by the same beloved author of the critically-acclaimed, Vera is a Tramp. 


20.) Weak and Wicked


Well, I am just appalled! Where are my reading glasses?

21.) The Girl from Hateville


She has made her city mighty proud… A real hometown hero.


22.) All the Way


*with the pep band drumline* And look at her go! And look at her go! She COULD. GO. ALL. THE. WAAAAAY! 


23.) Very Private Secretary


“A novel which boldly, candidly portrays the role of the office wife in big business today.” And undoubtedly breaks that glass ceiling, too, I’m sure…


24.) Beatnik Wanton


Sounds like most everyone you’ve ever met in your creative writing class. You know the ones.


25.) Bad Luck Cutie


Le sigh…




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